What We Do

The aims of our charity are broad and visionary:

  • We seek to bring together Christians, including doctors, psychologists and ministers of religion to work together for fuller health, both for the individual and community;
  • To enable all members to study the interaction between the physical, mental and spiritual factors in well being;
  • To pray for the sick, those who ministry to them, and all who exercise a healing gift;
  • To help everyone to realise in themselves the abundant life offered by Christ.

Here’s how we do it:


At the heart of all Guild activities is a desire to ground our work in the mission of God. We pray for all Guild members daily, and we know that many pray for our work and for the Holy Spirit to guide our organisation in bringing health and healing to all.

We also offer a place for you to leave your intercessions. All prayer requests that we receive will be sent to a number of churches and individuals who will pray for you for one month.

Prayer Request

We have a network of intercessors whose ministry is to pray for all who ask. Your message will be send immediately to the intercessions secretary, who will pass on your prayer request. This service is offered in total confidence. You request will remain on our lists for one month. Do return to this page, and send us another message if you require prayer after this period.


We support our members through a number of events, retreats and publications. These happen around the country, and we are also offer bespoke training packages in your own locations. Involvement in caring for others may be costly, so we look to support those engaged in the healing ministry through regular retreats and other Guild community events.

Healthy Parishes

We seek to support church communities to become hubs of healing for the whole community in which they work. What this means is different for every church. It might mean support for a monthly healing service, Lent resources in theology of health and healing, or working with local health care providers to reach out to those in need.


The Guild offers a number of different training packages which may to tailored to your individual needs: parish, cathedral, diocese, chaplaincy and academic institution. We offer speakers and workshops on a host of different topics including the healing ministry, community action, meditation, sacramental healing, listening skills and good practice. Please do get in contact for more information

The Guild in Scotland

The Guild is pleased to be supporting the ministry across Scotland, and we are working with the Church of Scotland and other key partners to bring a number of events.

Denis Duncan Lecture 2017

On Friday 3rd November, over sixty people gathered in St George’s Tron church in the heart of Glasgow for an annual lecture event held in honour of The Revd Denis Duncan, a Church of Scotland minister who dedicated his life to healing and human flourishing.

The Raphael Institute

The study of the science, religion and healing is an emerging field within the academy. The Raphael Institute is the first UK group dedicated to this field of study within the Christian faith. It brings together people from many different areas, to engage with the study of the human experience of healing, from the perspectives of science, theology, psychology and medicine.

Guild News

Guild news is the quarterly magazine of the Guild of Health and St Raphael. It contains articles, information, events, advice, and book reviews to inform Guild members.


Chrism is the biannual journal of the Guild. It contains academic articles on the topic of healing but from a broad range of perspectives. It is readable at any level, but aimed at ordinands, ministers, practitioners, and medical healthcare providers.