Summer 2018 Chrism published

The Summer edition (vol.55, no.1) of Chrism is about to be mailed out to members of The Raphael Insitute and other subscribers. The issue contains an article from pharmacologist Prof Helen Leathard on medical analogies for the prayer ministry, a paper from Clinical director of the Marylebone centre of healing and counselling Dr. Suzanne Hyde on trauma and neuroscience, and a theological article on friendship from the director of Holy Rood House, Thirsk.

The Guild is developing all the time in an effort to meet the aims of our organisation in the modern world. One of the new developments is how we use our journal Chrism. The Guild of Health and St Raphael has long been recognised for its engagement with research and science in the study of the healing ministry. To support the evolution of this work, Chrism is specialising into an academic journal, with a focus on science, religion and healing. As such, it is unique in the UK. If you wish to carry on receiving Chrism, whether as an individual or as a branch member, it is  important that you tell us. The best way to do this is to go to The Raphael Institute on the Guild website, and click to ‘Join’ – membership is by donation only so do not feel that you have to give anything (but of course you are welcome to do so if you wish). If you don’t wish to join via the website, please email, or call Gillian on 07398164477.