Faith and Fitness event

On 15th June, the Guild is offering an exciting day conference on Faith and Fitness. We have a theologian of sport, a Christian cancer survivor who runs marathons, and a priest talking about mental health and swimming the channel. The event is for everyone, whatever your fitness levels, as we explore the links between our physical bodies and our spiritual lives. London priest Azariah France-Williams is one of our workshop leaders, and he has committed to get fit for the event and to explore how the experience affects his faith life. His latest blog post is below! For more details on the event, and to book go to

Day one of one hundred and fifty

Last week I was asked if I wanted to take part in the faith and fitness day on June 15th. I felt inadequate, pleased to be asked but a fraud to say yes. Then it dawned on me, I was the very demographic who the organiser was hoping to reach.

What if I was the guinea pig and lived as if I were living an wholistic life of physical, mental, and spiritual adventure, and attendance at this event could both prompt and promote a new version of me.

A quote I recently read said ‘we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behaviour.’ I have been full of good intentions, so full I’ve bloomed to 189 pounds or 13 1/12 stones in British parlance. Good intentions are tasty, you can have your cake and eat it.

Well I’m swapping the cream cake for the rice cake, over this next 150 days I am committing to five for five. By that I mean how can this next five months trigger the next five years of a healthier more centred life.

I have a fitness test tomorrow and a full medical exam on Friday with my GP.

My wife Anna shared another quote with me: ‘there are two pains in life the pain of discipline, or the pain of disappointment.’

I choose the second, I mean the first.