Book offer to celebrate the Denis Duncan lecture 2019

As we approach the 2019 Denis Duncan lecture, the Guild are offering you the chance to get a copy of Denis Duncan’s book Towards the light: prayers through depression to healing which was first published 10 years ago by SPCK.

Early in 2007, after a long and distinguished public ministry, Denis Duncan suffered three crises. One was financial, involving betrayal by someone to whom he had offered substantial help; one concerned a water leak that could not be traced, leading to a potential property disaster; the third was of a personal nature and had serious implications for his future. The result was a period of severe depression.

This devotional diary, encompassing morning and evening prayers, charts the author’s ‘journey into darkness’ (Days 1-10), his ‘crisis’ (Days 11-16), and finally, his ‘journey towards the light’ (Days 17-40). It has been written to address the very particular needs of those passing through a similar ‘dark night of the soul’, and offers real encouragement to the reader to believe that healing will be possible.

The Revd Dr Denis Duncan a Church of Scotland minister for over 60 years, is the author of many devotional books. He was Managing Editor of British Weekly from 1957-70, and has written for numerous other journals and newspapers, including twenty 13-week sequences of meditations for the Daily Telegraph (1991-2003). He was Managing Director of Arthur James Limited, a Christian publishing house, from 1983-1995, and president of The Guild of Health from 1999-2005.

Ten years after it’s publication it is still a timely and valuable book.


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