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Please email for the Job Description and the Theological position paper for the Guild of Health and St Raphael, if you are interested in any of the positions listed below.

  • Company Secretary and Business Manager

    1.5 days per week (or equivalent hours)

    Pro rata of £9000 (incl. contributions)

    Job Description: To act as Company Secretary to the board of trustees and to provide the Director with business administration support, including fundraising.

    The trustees have agreed with the director an exciting strategic plan to ensure the financial autonomy of the charity. We have projects and funding opportunities in mind to turn this plan into a reality. This is a new role in the Guild but offers an ideal opportunity to join an organisation at a key transitional moment as it seeks to deliver its aims and objectives into a place of real need. This role will help us build on two years of growth, and help the trustees and other staff deliver real success, both in fiscal terms and in its charitable aims.  

    Responsibilities and Tasks:

    Company Secretary

    • To ensure that appropriate flows of timely information are provided to the Director, Chair and to the Trustees to enable them to carry out their duties effectively and to take decisions;
    • To support the work of the Council working groups or sub-committees (Agendas and record keeping);
    • To ensure planning arrangements are in place and agenda papers are produced for meetings of the Council of Trustees;
    • To make arrangements for Trustee meetings, including preparing the agenda for Council meetings with the Chair, ensuring that adequate minutes of the meeting are taken and produced;
    • That all Trustee Council members receive all the necessary material for their full engagement in meetings, including agendas, previous minutes, items for consideration, prior to meetings;
    • To work with the Director and other staff to ensure that members of the organisation are informed of the AGM and any Extraordinary or Special Meetings;
    • To work with the director, Chair and partner organisations to ensure that an Annual Report is written, produced and submitted to relevant bodies.
    • To ensure that an up-to-date list of members of the Guild, including Trustees is maintained, and that all necessary reports are provided to the Charity Commission and Companies House in a timely fashion.


    Business Manager

    • To support the development of the goals and objectives of the charity in line with the agreed strategic plan;
    • To work with the director to ensure that the financial systems and controls are in place, applied and reviewed regularly, which includes the annual budgeting process, quarterly budget reviews, investment reviews, accounting and auditing;
    • To ensure that the Director and Trustee Council are fully briefed to enable effective strategic planning;
    • To support the development of funded projects, in furtherance of the direction of travel agreed in the strategic plan;
    • To work with the director to ensure a fundraising strategy is developed and ensure coordination of fundraising activities.
    • To work with the director to develop and prepare funding bids as required, ensuring full consultation at all stages.


    The trustee meetings happen in London, mostly, but there may be occasional travel involved. The role is home based and ideally the person filling this role needs to live near north London so that they can work with the director.

    We are looking for an individual with a track record of financial management and experience of the company secretary role. We are also looking for  someone with an eye for detail, the ability to work remotely and to deadlines, and a positive outlook. The successful applicant needs to be self motivated and enthusiastic about the aims and objectives of the Guild of Health and St Raphael.

    Please submit your CV to the address below, with covering letter by 12th January. Please also include the name, address and contact details of two referees.

    14 Oakleigh Park South


    N20 9JU

    Shortlisting by 16th January. Interviews on 23rd January in central London.

    If you would like to discuss this job in more detail, please email The Revd. Dr. Gillian Straine (