Guild News Oct 2018

The Director's Thoughts

Welcome to the final Guild News of 2018! I hope that you find something of interest for you in this edition. There is an article on the new Guild Prayer and details about ordering prayer cards. There is also a moving article about healing in a war zone and the experience of a military chaplain, and a piece on fitness and healing by the editor of the newspaper of the Diocese of Oxford. And there is the usual items catching up the news from the Guild around the country and upcoming events. Don’t forget to visit the website to find out more, especially the ‘News’ page.

In Guild News we try to give a broad sweep of articles reflecting the wide remit of Christian Spiritual Healing today. Sometimes it feels it is too diverse, but it is not dilute, as the variety only reflects the great work that is being done for health and healing in the name of Christ across the country, and beyond.

The church is so often in the news for negative reasons: the abuse scandals, the loss of vocations, and clerical mental health problems. Indeed, we are not only a source of bad news for people, the church is to many people an irrelevance in today’s world.

We therefore have a battle on our hands – we must act and not be complacent. Jesus’ command to make disciples and to heal is our mission today as much as it was the task of the first disciples. We must win back the hearts and minds that have turned from the faith and the church. And I believe that it is doing what we do best that we will see this happen: pastoral ministry, caring for the ill and the dying, praying for healing, being in the community for the good of the community and doing it all in the name of Christ – these are what the church has historically done well, and the main acts by which we can win back the lost and isolated in today’s complex world. The world needs people who care, who listen, who love. And the world needs us now.



Director’s Thoughts

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